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Stove Fitting & Stove Lining


M Dole chimneys offer a first class stove fitting service all by HETAS registered fitters. This service includes:

  • Opening the fireplace up
  • Lining the chimney
  • Template hearths
  • Fitting surrounds
  • Fitting stoves
  • Supplying HETAS certificates


Lining a chimney for a stove is very important; it has a number of benefits. one is that it ensures the correct updraft for your stove which stops the fuel burning too quickly. Another that it has cleaner use because it prevents soot build up in the chimney. Also it is more cost effect because by lining your stove you will burn less wood which results in less money being spent. 
If this wasn’t enough of a reason lining your chimney prevents carbon monoxide leaking into other areas of your property. Carbon monoxide could be fatal if not dealt with properly and prevented by qualified professionals.

At our company we fit all kinds of different stoves from wood burners to multi-fuel and gas.



  • Firefox 5 Stove

  • Firefox 8 Stove


Please call today to order a Wood Burning Stove.

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