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Chimney Sweeping & Testing


We have been chimney sweeping in London and testing flues for more than 44 years. In that time we have swept and tested tens of thousands of flues some tall, some small. Our customers range from Mr. and Mrs. knight two storey house in Islington to 12 storey buildings in the west end.

Law courts, local councils, French embassy, American embassy compound, the Warrington hotel, navy military clubs, the royal geographical society, the reform club to 221B Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes)   and many more have used our services.

There are three main types of chimney sweeping

  • Sweep and clean
  • Sweep and smoke test
  • Sweep and integrity test

As a member of the Guild of Master Sweeps, our code is to sweep and test your chimney thoroughly to make sure it is safe to use.


Call 0207 470 8804 to book your London chimney sweep today

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